Portfolios: Antonio M. Rosario

Wall Shadow

Wall Shadow

"All of these photographs were taken exclusively for my photo blog which I try to maintain on a regular basis. I love street shooting here in New York City and using digital cameras has made the experience even more fulfilling. I like shooting discreetly because I believe that doing so helps to capture a person's true self. Once someone becomes aware of the camera, there is a subtle but noticeable shift in their being; they begin to pose, even if they are not conscious about it.

One of the great things about being a city dweller is the anonymity we have and the ability to be one amongst millions. I like to try to focus on the one person in a million; it's like having the city all to oneself. This is what I try to accomplish with my street shooting and with my photo blog."


"I'm a stock photography shooter and currently have a decent selection of images for sale at both Getty Images and Iconica (attached to Photonica) and spent many years also working for Image Bank as a photo editor. My images range from still life to travel, business productions to composite and conceptual imagery."


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