Portfolios: Elie Dinur

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Coast of Galilee #2

Coast of Galilee #2

"This portfolio is drawn from a large body of work done along the Mediterranean shore of the Western Galilee, Israel which may be viewed at http://www.imageevent.com/elied/coastofgalilee."


"I began photographing fully forty years ago while living in New York and studied photography at NYU and The Visual Studies Workshop. After immigrating to Israel I was for many years the resident photographer of my kibbutz - doing everything from advertising brochures to documentation of kibbutz life to my own "art" photographs - but eventually drifted away from it and left the cameras to gather dust. Now, however, excited by the possibilities for creative control offered by the "digital revolution" and the level of quality of affordable digital cameras, I have returned. I started a year and a half ago with a Minolta 7i and have recently traded it for a Minolta A1."


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