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Contrasts of Light and Dark #1

Contrasts of Light and Dark #1

"My theme is 'contrasts of light and dark'."


"My name is Greg Taylor. I am 16, live in one of the suburbs of London and am a student in the first year of college, but due to lack of funds, my school is unable to run any kind of photography class, so I do it in my own time.

I usually have sudden urges to take photos of a certain location, often at a ridiculous time of day (5:30 am for the London sunrise shots!). At the moment I use a fuji S7000 and a range of wideangle and other lenses. This will be the first time I will have shown my photos to anybody and certainly the first time to be possibly displayed on the net!

I like to take emotional style pictures, often including some form of heavy light and dark contrast, and a focal point on the picture (where the eyes are drawn to). I also like to take action photography of anything that moves, really! Objects such as running, greyhound racing, mountain biking etc."

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