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James Shull #2

James Shull #2

"Born and raised in California, my formative years were the 80ís. Picked up photography working at a printing press, while attending a boarding school on the pacific coast near Monterey. College brought me through plenty of photographic instruction to include Brooks Institute, of which I purposefully didn't finish. Assisted for plenty of good photographers in southern California, which catalyzed my disinterest in beginning a commercial business at that time. A decision I haven't regretted.

As an aviator, I get the opportunity to move around a lot. Soon Iíll be making the cultural shift again from lower Alabama to New Jersey! This has provided me with plenty of rewarding photographic opportunity. I must say that, outside of having a great family, 17 years of wandering with a camera has been the best part of living.

Please pardon my reluctance to attempt discussion of the more intangible aspects of photography. Itís a visual medium and I don't have any particular social agenda with it other than sharing it with others who are so inclined. What gets me out of the house is the continual possibility that I might turn the mundane into the profound.

The enclosed 13 photos were made between 1991 and 2006. Each of them represents my desire to build a connection to the place I was at during that time. A few were made in California, some from Pennsylvania and Alabama, one from Kosovo, one from inside a bus in Macedonia. One of them was captured digitally, with all the rest being conventional. All film formats are represented, 4x5, 35mm, and 6x6. My favorite is whichever I'm using at that time."

Website: http://light-walk.blogspot.com

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