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Jernej Burkeljca #3

Jernej Burkeljca #3

"Over the past few years there has been an increase in popularity of urban mountain bike racing in Slovenian cities. Bikers and organisers drew inspiration from their dual, downhill and 4X racing experience and came up with the BikeFight. A race against time or between two riders over various man made obstacles, from ladders to big jumps with some destroyed bike parts and injuries to make it all worthwhile.

The primary reason in the beginning was probably just to provide a novelty for the riders, keep the scene alive and have some fun in the process. In addition to that it helps promote mountain biking to the general public who are reluctant to climb uphill for a DH race where they only see riders for a fraction of a second. Urban races are set up in a way that you are able to see the majority of the course from any position and it usually works. Great music, lots of fun, plenty of action and many fans on the sidelines keep everything going on hard."


21 years old from Ljubljana, Slovenia. A student at the University of Maribor, a traveler, addicted to water sports, freeride sking & mountain biking, skydiving and everything else that keeps this adrenalin junkie happy. Ohh... and a photographer as well.

I've been rather serious about photography for two or three years now or ever since I first held a digital camera. The first I could call my own was a Fuji S602 and due to lack of funds (aren't we all?) I still use it as my primary camera. I'm however fortunate enough to cooperate with the digital photography magazine E-Fotografija and that gave me the opportunity to use a variety of different cameras from Contax N Digital, that was worth more than my car, to Canon A70 I took 45m underwater.

I'm also a fan of rangefinder cameras loaded with B&W film like Ilford Delta 3200 (I prefer to take photos at night with whatever light I can find on the street). I use my dads old Zorky 4 with a Jupiter 50/2 lens and sometimes a Smena 8 with a Lomo 40/4. Both are fun to work with and quite unpredictable due to certain faults I don't care enough about to have them repaired. It's more interesting with a broken viewfinder you see...

My primary photographic interest however, are extremish sports (although I hate to use the words extreme and sport in the same sentence). I just look at them as alternatives to boring "shoot with at least 400mm lens" sports you normally watch on TV.


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