Portfolios: John Powell

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Aquilegia Alpina

Aquilegia Alpina

"Having been interested in photography for almost twenty years there have been many varied and interesting subjects, which have compelled me to capture them for all posterity. Choosing 15 images for this portfolio was a difficult choice. However, my final decision is to share with you a selection of images, which I have been working on this year 2004, a personal project, capturing the floral beauty of a typical English garden."


"Hi, my name is John and I live in the area of the U.K known as “The Black Country” a heavily industrialised area within the West Midlands. I was born in 1958, but didn’t start my passion with photography until my mid twenties. I did the camera club thing, entering competitions and exhibitions, both in the U.K and overseas. I gave up shooting film in the year 2000 when I purchased my first digital camera, a Sony DSC-S50. The entire images you see here were taken with a Canon D30/EF 28-200mm USM."

Website: http://www.dapa-group.com
Website: http://www.rojo-uk.com

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