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Mike Hulsebus #2

Mike Hulsebus #2

"Not far from a district of large, fancy historic homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan a neighborhood is undergoing what is often called "urban revitalization"--in other words, it's being torn down in favor of a new subdivision with a ritzier sounding name (MidTowne Village in this case). Most residents have already left their homes. In their absence, the neighborhood falls into further disrepair. One Habitat for Humanity home was gutted by Habitat workers for materials and now is little more than a wood frame filled with old insulation. Nearby, owners of another house couldn't bear to sell what they saw as a piece of their heritage and instead decided to burn down their home."


Mike Hulsebus is a college student at the University of Michigan. During the academic year, he takes photographs for The Michigan Daily, a student run newspaper.

Website: www.mikehulsebus.com

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