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Nick Stubbs #1

Nick Stubbs #1

"The theme here is people. I love photographing people and getting the best from them, getting them to show their true character and not that which they think the camera "wants"! Some of these images are from a wedding, some from portraits sessions and some from commissioned lifestyle shoots which I have to admit is my current favourite style. I have been into photography in a big way since 1979 when I got my first SLR and set up my own darkroom at a tender 13 years old. Digital has radically changed the way I photograph anything now as I am constantly thinking (what could I so to this later on?) as I am shooting. More work but a whole lot more fun. I now photograph for a living and cannot see that changing…ever. I am 38, married with a 2 year old son (who already knows how to scroll through images on our digicams) and a girl on the way."

Website: http://www.all-things-photography.com/nick-stubbs-portfolio.html

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