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Pete Nicholls #2

Pete Nicholls #2

"Originally from England, Pete Nicholls emigrated to America in 1961. Combining a life-long interest in photography and nature, he began photographing the natural world in 2001. Much of his photography has been done without leaving home, in fact, this series of images were all captured without leaving home.

Back in his younger years as a member of the armed forces while stationed in the far east, he purchased his first 35mm camera, a Petri 7s. During his tour in the far east, he studied photography and shot several thousand slides, developing many of them himself in a photo lab on the base. After his tour was over, photography faded and was overtaken by other life events and interests until receiving a 3 megapixel camera from his wife in 2001. This re-kindled his interest in photography and has resulted in over 10,000 images being taken with Olympus, Minolta, and Canon cameras. He continues to study the art and looks forward to spending his retirement years with camera in hand.

He maintains an internet presence at http://vividprints.com"

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