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Rockefeller Plaza 1

Rockefeller Plaza 1

"This is a collection out of my vast library of varied topics. Most of them were taken over the last year and all are taken with my Canon 300D. I have a minolta maxxum 7 and am thinking of purchasing the new Canon 20D to get a bit more functionality and a more rugged camera. I work as a self-employed infosecurity consultant and this year I have started making some money on the side by freelancing as a photographer. A number of photographs have been published by two Dutch newspapers, I had my first small exibiton and just started working together with a number of companies in the graphical/ marketing field. My favourite "targets" are urban life and architecture, nature, sports and outdoors activities, but that doesn't necessarily mean I hide from other topics. TI want to keep on evolving and like to experiment. Experimental photography is therefore a huge driving force behind my work. A good example for this experimental work are the laundrymachine photos you see when you visit the website. These were shot during a laundrysession in Manhattan, New York and are part of a larger serie called One and a half hours in the life of a washing machine."

Website: http://www.photografix.nl

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