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Venezuela: Forest village on route to the Angel Falls

Venezuela: Forest village on route to the Angel Falls

Having flown by a light plane into a clearing in the forest we travelled by motorised dug out canoe to Angel Falls sleeping beside the river in hammocks. On one occasion we were fortunate to stop at a small village where we were made incredibly welcome. Obviously, the creature comforts were limited; I avoided the “toilet”, a wooden plank with a circle cut in it placed over a hole, where a bat had decided make its home! A spade and the lonely forest were marginally more preferable.

The picture was taken at dawn. I was the first to fall out of my hammock with steam rising from the forest and a cacophony of bird sound. The place was deserted, or so I thought. After wandering about in an early morning daze I arrived outside a hut just inside the perimeter of the village. I then noticed a movement in the forest and without a sound the villagers filed past me, one by one, in a line into the hut and closed the entrance. It was like a surreal dream. Then the hairs rose on the back of my neck as they started to sing. I have rarely heard such a wonderful sound and never expected it to be in the middle of a forest.

My name is Tony Welham and have been taking photographs for almost 40 years. I still enjoy creating images without any particular theme apart from recording my experiences. The images I have chosen are a sample of those.

I tend to visit remote areas and enjoy meeting local people. In addition to travel my other interests include, mountaineering, flying (PPL (A)), scuba diving and bridge.

I occasionally use a my Canon D10 digital camera but, as most of my travel is off the beaten track, I still prefer film. The camera I use is a Canon EOS3, a Canon 28-105 lens and an Epson scanner and printer.

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