PhotographyBLOG Monthly Competition Prizes

The prizes for the March 2004 Competition are:

1st Place

Digital Photography Captured Volume 11 copy of Digital Photography Captured Volume 1

Kindly donated by KnowledgeTrek.

"Not sure which digital camera to buy? Having trouble getting great results from the camera you already own? A new interactive DVD clears away the mystery and hype of digital photography and sets you on the path to taking better pictures and just having more fun with your new digital camera. Digital Photography Captured, Volume 1 is a new DVD release from Knowledgetrek that not only gives you the information you need to make the best purchase, but also gives you professional tips on everything from how to capture those frustratingly difficult action shots to getting dramatic close-up and landscapes."


2nd Place

Picasa 1.51 copy of Picasa

Kindly donated by Picasa Inc.

"Picasa allows people to edit, print and browse quickly through the entire collection of photos on their PC, providing thumbnails of each image to prevent reliance on nondescript file names that make it difficult for most digital camera owners to find what they're looking for. Picasa immediately searches a user's hard drive upon installation to find all pictures and standard camera movie files, regardless of format. It then automatically organizes them in chronological order from the time they were saved, and allows users to separate events like birthdays and vacations into separate folders."

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3rd Place one-year subscription with 100 megabytes of storage space

Kindly donated by

" is a website that makes it easy to create online photo albums and share your digital photos around the world. provides storage space for your photos along with an intuitive, attractive, professionally-designed web-based interface that makes it easy to upload, manage, view, and share your photos. is faster, easier, and more convenient than e-mailing your photos to friends and family. When you want to share your photos on, you only need to send your personal link - which is much simpler than sending megabytes of data each time you want to send photos to someone. Your friends and family can then select which photos they want to see, instead of waiting for them all to download."

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