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Dan Bachmann's Update: July 2004

PhotographyBLOG visitor Dan Bachmann has recently tested some more UK digital labs and has kindly allowed me to publish his findings, which are summarized in the table below. Dan says "Thanks for your great UK digi lab comparison. I've done some research myself and added Digi-Lab/Club35, Ofoto and Snappy Snaps. I've found what you said to mostly be accurate, but I have to add that I have been very impressed with Ofoto (though I have yet to try Peak)."

    Digi-Lab/Club35 Ofoto Snappy Snaps PhotoBox Peak Imaging Bonusprint Fontango Jessops TopFoto Colab
Quality Source   Dan Bachmann Dan Bachmann Dan Bachmann Dan Bachmann
Price Source   web site web site store web site web site PhotographyBLOG        
Speed (1-10; 10 highest)   9 9 9 10 10 8 10 2 never arrived 8
Quality (1-10; 10 highest)   6 10 7 9 10 6 6 6   8
Quality Comment   not sharp/washed out sharp   sharp            
Hue/Saturation   odd warm (perfect)   green-yellow enhanced   yellow yellow yellow    
Calibration Provided         print print          
Upoad Method   application web web or drop off web application application web application application application
Cost (6x4)   �0.14 �0.24 �0.65 �0.19 �0.79 �0.15 �0.49 �0.34 �0.75 �0.12
Cost (12x8)   �1.00 �2.49 high �3.99 high          
Shipping   �1.50 �0.99 �0.00 �1.50 �1.80 �0.90 �1.07 �1.50 �1.50 �2.22
Discounts         on 5+ enlargements            
Pros   cheap top quality gloss store pick pickup top quality matt prints top quality cheap        
          many print options            
          fast response            
Cons   blurry images limited shrink to fit expensive shrink to fit makes border expensive     bad crop    
    over saturated greens matt not offered requires pick up green a little too bright poor interface          
    washed out highlights                  
Use Again?   one more try yes   yes will try         will try
Conclusion   cheap winner? winner for gloss   winner for matt quality winner         cheap winner?