Leica SL (Typ 601) Sample Images

October 22, 2015 | Mark Goldstein | Comment |

Here are 65 sample JPEG and 65 raw images taken with a full-production version of the brand new Leica SL (Typ 601) digital mirrorless camera. Priced at £5050 / $7450 body only, the Leica SL (Typ 601) is a digital mirrorless camera. We've had a brief opportunity to shoot with the Leica SL (Typ 601) and the Leica Vario-Elmarit-SL 24–90 mm f/2.8–4 ASPH. zoom lens at the global launch of the Leica SL in Wetzlar, Germany, and at the UK launch in London.

A gallery of sample images taken with the Leica SL (Typ 601) mirrorless system camera.

Leica SL (Typ 601) JPEG Images

Sample RAW Images

The Leica SL (Typ 601) enables users to capture RAW and JPEG format files. We’ve provided some Leica RAW (DNG) samples for you to download (thumbnail images shown below are not 100% representative).

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