Canon EOS 500D Review

May 13, 2009 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Canon EOS 500D is the company's latest addition to the DSLR lineup and has positioned the three-digit EOS range – originally introduced as a budget, entry-level option – as an advanced series, bringing some seriously impressive features with it. The Canon 500D spawns from the design of the previous 450D and, though currently will sell along side it, offers a definite upgrade on this model. The What Digital Camera Canon 500D review investigates...
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Slipping neatly into the company's digital SLR product line between the EOS 450D and the EOS 40D, the Canon EOS 500D, pushes the EOS 400D off the edge of the bed into discontinuity. In the same price range as models like the Nikon D5000 and the Olympus E-620, it's not quite a budget model, costing about £830 with a lens. It's more for the entry-level buyer who wants higher resolution and a better autofocus system.
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Each succeeding Rebel climbs one rung up the ladder, with this latest Rebel offering higher resolution–15.1 MP–and faster processing–Digic 4 (one of those acronyms that has never really caught on as such, but does appear to deliver in principle) on its CMOS chip. Then add a larger LCD and HD video capture (if you go in for that), and the camera becomes even more appealing. Of course, when you include an image-stabilized lens in the package and price it all under $900, there are bound to be some compromises. But are these compromises you can live with? Well, that depends.
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