Canon EOS 650D Review

September 10, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Canon EOD 650D / Rebel T4i is the company's latest addition to its novice-oriented 'Rebel' series. With more than two decades of continuous success in its film and digital incarnations, these little SLRs have been improved and refined to the point that Canon's biggest challenge is finding new ways to distinguish its updated models. Place the new EOS 650D / Rebel T4i alongside its predecessor, the EOS 600D / Rebel T3i, and the similarity in design and specifications may suggest nothing more than a nominal upgrade.
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Touchscreen displays may have graced compacts, mobile phones and compact system cameras for years, but until now no manufacturer has been brave enough to integrate one into a DSLR. Often such developments are held back while manufacturers deliberate on whether the target market is likely to use them, and, if so, how best to implement them. With the EOS 650D, however, it appears as though Canon has overcome any such obstacles to finally bring it to market.
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The Canon EOS Rebel T4i, or EOS 650D as it's known outside North America, is the company's latest upper entry level DSLR. Announced in June 2012, it replaces the massively popular Rebel T3i / 600D which has held the upper entry-level position in the EOS line-up since its introduction in Feb 2011. Following Canon's usual practice, the T3i / 600D won't be discontinued, but will drop down the range to occupy a position just below the Rebel T4i / 650D.
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