Canon EOS RP Review

March 4, 2019 | Mark Goldstein |

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While its competitors are going to great pains to create increasingly advanced – and increasingly expensive – high end full-frame mirrorless cameras, Canon is catering to crop sensor consumers who are looking for a full-frame option that won’t break their back or their bank balance. The Canon EOS RP is a big success in this regard, offering full-frame functionality and 4K video in a package that’s notably smaller, lighter and cheaper than almost all its rivals. It’s far from an entry level camera, but it’s ideal an entry level full-frame camera.
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Arguably a much more compelling proposition for those looking to move to full-frame mirrorless shooting than the EOS R, the EOS RP is blessed with a good build, great image quality, sound autofocus performance and many further pleasures. The sheen is only rubbed off a little by a lack of logical lens options and compromised video capabilities, but if you already own EF lenses and have no use for video it might be just what you were hoping Canon would end up releasing.
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