Canon PowerShot G11 Review

October 22, 2009 | Gavin Stoker |

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The Canon PowerShot G11 offers excellent photograph quality and options for a compact camera, and the downshift from the old PowerShot G10's 14-megapixel sensor to a 10-megapixel one has paid dividends. But it remains a fat, heavy and expensive compact that's not without its flaws, including sluggish responses and an awkward main controller.
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Canon’s primary reason for reducing resolution was to improve high ISO performance. That strategy was successful and the G11 definitely provides obvious benefits by ISO 800. At this ISO, the JPEGs are surprisingly smooth, although there’s more smudging of fine detail due to noise reduction processing. Even so, I was able to make excellent letter size prints from my technically-best images after some careful sharpening. By comparison, the G10 produced ISO 800 images that were very grainy; while there was less smudging, all of my friends preferred the smoother prints made from G11 photos.
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