Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR Review

December 1, 2011 | Mark Goldstein |

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reviews.cnet.co.uk »

The Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR is one of the best implementations of a 16-megapixel sensor in a small body we've seen. It really is the 'go-anywhere, do-anything' compact camera Fujifilm claims it is. The camera's results are as impressive as its specs, making this £240 snapper a smart purchase that will last you for many years.
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expertreviews.co.uk »

Ignore the 16-megapixel mode and treat this as an 8-megapixel camera, and it will take gorgeous photos at breakneck speed
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ephotozine.com »

Joshua Waller reviews the new Fujifilm FinePix F600 EXR - like the F550 before it, it features a 15x optical zoom, but adds new GPS functions.
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steves-digicams.com »

Fujifilm's FinePix F600EXR features their new updated EXR system. Made up of a new 16-Megapixel Backside Illuminated CMOS imaging sensor, Dual Core EXR image processor and a Fujinon lens. the F600EXR combines all of these technologies to create the highest quality images possible.
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digitalcamerainfo.com »

The FinePix F600EXR is Fujifilm’s latest small-body, long-zoom camera. It’s a replacement for the six-month-old F550EXR, which was a solid performer with a loyal enthusiast following. Fuji has never been shy about flooding the market with tons of cameras, though, and decided that it was already time for a new shooter.
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whatdigitalcamera.com »

The Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR updates the mid-2011 F550EXR model. Although the latest release adds very little to the features list, it still offers a rangey 24-360mm optical zoom and a 16-megapixel 1/2in sensor with Fujifilm's unique EXR sensor technology. What Digital Camera takes a closer look at the Fuji F600EXR...
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