Kodak EasyShare Z980 Review

June 15, 2009 | Mark Goldstein |

Review Roundup

Reviews of the Kodak EasyShare Z980 from around the web.

crunchgear.com »

I’ve been avoiding this moment for a month. Before I left for Europe, Kodak sent me their latest ultra-zoom camera, the Z980, and I’ve been carrying it for over 30 days and through five countries. I’ve taken about two hundred photographs and I’ve gotten to know this thing fairly well. My initial conclusion? I’m going to say this just to get it over with: I miss my DSLR. Now, read on for a bit of clarification.
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digitalcamerareview.com »

Back in the late '60s I carried a Kodak Instamatic camera with me to drag races at tracks across southern California, snapping photos of cars and drivers in the pits. In 1975 I graduated to a Nikon F2, with Kodak remaining almost exclusively my film of choice. I haven't shot a roll of film in eight or nine years, but another Kodak camera has found its way into my hands, if only for review purposes.
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steves-digicams.com »

The latest Super-zoom model from Kodak, the EasyShare Z980 is a power packed digital camera with 12-megapixels, a 24x optical zoom lens, 3.0-inch LCD, 720p HD movie mode, and RAW the JPEG image formats. Kodak designed this camera with all users in mind, whether you are an avid enthusiast or a newbie. For those with less experience, the Z980 provides a wealth of user-friendly exposure modes. These include the fully automatic "Smart Auto", Program AE, and 19 Scene modes. For the more experienced, the Z980 offers Aperture priority, Shutter speed priority, and even a full Manual exposure mode. The Z980 also includes most all of the Kodak EasyShare technologies we have come to know, like Perfect Though, Face Detection, and Image Stabilization.
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