Leica X1 Review

June 28, 2010 | Mark Goldstein |

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Reviews of the Leica X1 from around the web.

stevehuffphoto.com »

The last 3 weeks have been some of the funnest times and also some of the most frustrating times I have had shooting a camera. I have been shooting and vigorously testing a Leica X1 and man oh man, this thing is like a pack of firecrackers, with the occasional dud. Leica sent me the camera in all of its packaging, along with a grip and leather ever ready case for review and I have to say, the packaging puts even Apple to shame! The X1 presentation is super fun.
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dpreview.com »

The X1 has clearly been designed as an instrument for taking photographs, pure and simple, and features a pared-down, traditionalist design in service of that goal. Shutter speed and aperture are controlled by dials on the top plate, and all other major shooting settings are directly accessible from buttons on the back. This is a design that utterly rejects fripperies in the quest for uncomplicated functionality; if you're after an aquarium mode, HD movies or background music for your slide shows, you'll need to look elsewhere.
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whatdigitalcamera.com »

The Leica X1 is a high-end, fixed-lens compact camera with a key difference - its large, 12.2 megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor is the same size as those found in the majority of DSLR cameras. Geared towards those seeking optimum picture quality in a discreet body the premium quality Leica Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 lens (a 36mm equivalent in full-frame 35mm terms) should be a favourite for the traditionalist snapper. However, with a £1395 price tag (and that's before adding any further accessories) you'll be needing deep pockets...
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