Lytro Illum Review

December 10, 2014 | Gavin Stoker |

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The Lytro Illum is the "Professional Light Field Camera" from Lytro, the second generation, after the first consumer orientated Lytro Light Field Camera, that's said to give almost 4 times as much detail as the original due to the use of a new larger sensor. The camera is designed to create "Living Pictures" photos that you can interact with. Ultimately, the images are designed to be viewed on an electronic screen, either a computer, smartphone or tablet.
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My well-dressed guests from out of town arrive with bags of gear. Lytro’s Jeff Hansen is unpacking a bag as introductions occur, and with him are Eamon Drew and Chris Horsley-Wyatt from Blonde Robot, Lytro’s Australian distributor. Two smartly-presented Lytro Illum cameras appear among the action and in no time at all, the focus is on them.
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Instead of snapping a solitary image, the Illum captures a whole moment—known as the light field—so you can change focus and shift perspective after you've taken the shot. Just by clicking around a screen, the viewer can focus on a birthday cake candle, the person blowing it out, or partygoers in the background. These "living pictures," as they're called, even let the viewer look a bit behind the closest objects. The effect is a little like the portraits in Harry Potter's newspaper: a hint of depth where you weren't expecting it.
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