Nikon Coolpix S60 Review

March 9, 2009 | Mark Goldstein |

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If you like the idea of a touch screen, then Nikon Coolpix S60 should appeal to you. It is an ultra-compact point-and-shoot digital camera in a sleek and stylish all-metal body with a 3.5-in. touch panel LCD. There are only two traditional buttons: Power and Shutter Release; everything else is accessed by touching, tapping, sliding and flicking your finger on the LCD screen. Though it's not as slick as an iPhone, the S60's touch screen is still lots of fun once you get used to the touch controls.
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As an ultra-compact digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix S60 lives in the category with the most models. Luckily, this model does several things to distinguish itself. To start, its 3.5" LCD is the largest which can fit in an ultra-compact. Add a non-protruding slightly wide 5X optical zoom lens with stabilization and the S60 shows itself as a unique offering. The cost of this uniqueness is a touch-screen interface which can frustrate users trying to use the camera beyond pointing and shooting.
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