Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS30 Review

August 6, 2010 | Gavin Stoker |

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Pushing the envelope on the smaller compacts, Panasonic have unveiled the FS30 which boasts an 8x optical zoom and 14.1Mp resolution crammed into a slinky metal body. Priced at £174, the camera seems very competitive in the market with 14Mp, 8x optical zoom and intelligent automatic systems. But what have Panasonic done to keep the price so low? The absence of a Leica endorsed lens which is usually fitted to a Panasonic compact is a clue.
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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 is a stylish compact digital camera with an effective resolution of 14.1 megapixels and an 8x optical zoom lens with a useful 28-224mm equivalent wide-angle setting. The Panasonic FH20's lens features a true optical image stabilization system to combat camera shake. The Panasonic FH20's lens has a two-step aperture that ranges from f/3.3 to f/10 at wide-angle, or f/5.9 to f/18 at telephoto. The minimum focusing distance for the Panasonic DMC-FH20 is ordinarily 50 centimeters, but drops to just five centimeters at wide-angle when switched to Macro mode.
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