Pentax K-500 Review

September 17, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

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The big two of Canon and Nikon currently dominate the entry-level DSLR market, although the other major manufacturers continue to compete in releasing impressive models. One such model is the new Pentax K-500. It features a strong specification at a price point that is sure to have entry-level purchasers taking a keener look. Let’s see if it manages to break the established duopoly.
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The K-500 is one of new pair of twin DSLRs from Pentax, the other being the higher specified K-50. This entry level DSLR uses the same 16.28MP CMOS sensor, the same SAFOX IXi+ AF system and, remarkably at this price level, even has a proper glass pentaprism finder with 100% field of view. This is indeed a high level of spec and it seems there are only a few sacrifices made, none of which compromise either construction standards or image quality.
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The Pentax K-500 looks to wrestle some on the market dominance in the entry-level DSLR section away from the 'big two' of Canon and Nikon, with an impressive looking specfication. We see if it succeeds in the What Digital Camera Pentax K-500 review.
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