Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

December 10, 2012 | Mark Goldstein |

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A fresh and very successful re-imagining of what a camera should be and how it should work. Spot-on for anyone who wants an easy way to share their pictures without being restricted to smart phone resolutions and quality levels, and very fairly priced considering the specs and features. The best Android camera yet, and one that competitors will have to work hard to beat.
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There’s been a dramatic uptick in amateur photography over the past few years — more people want to share more photos, and faster. This has led users to demand more and more from their smartphone cameras, while at the same time cheap DSLRs and the birth of Micro Four Thirds and other interchangeable-lens systems have put stupendously high-quality cameras in the hands of the everyman.
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Every so often a product comes along which looks set to change the world of photography as we know it. One such product, and our innovation of the year for 2012, is the Samsung Galaxy Camera – the first camera to offer not only Wi-Fi functionality, but also 3G data connectivity.
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