Sony NEX-5N Review

October 31, 2011 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Sony Alpha NEX-5N is the fourth model in Sony's NEX line of APS-C format mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Just as the NEX-C3 replaces the NEX-3, the 5N is a direct replacement for its predecessor the NEX-5, using the company's latest 16.1MP CMOS sensor in place of the previous 14MP chip. Although the 5N is nearly indistinguishable from the NEX-5 on the outside (and is bound to be regarded as such by many casual observers), it is actually a very different camera, and one that is worthy of serious attention.
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Yep, the Sony NEX-5N, after using it for a week or so has impressed me quite a bit with its abilities. This came at a time when I was almost ready to write off the whole NEX series after getting unsatisfactory color from my Old NEX-5 (after comparing with the Olympus E-P3).One thing is for sure, these are Exciting times for us camera gear head nuts.
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We love the feel of this compact/dSLR crossover. The quality of its images is impressive, too, with vibrant colours, sharp detail and balanced exposures. If you can't decide whether to buy a pocket snapper or a semi-pro camera, check out the £660 Sony Alpha NEX-5N. It could well suit you down to the ground.
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