Saturday Shout: How Do You Share Your Photos?

May 19, 2007 | Mark Goldstein | Saturday Shout | Comment |

Saturday ShoutA recent survey (see the next story below) concluded that most of us take photos in order to share them, with email by far the most popular method. Social networking websites are also becoming more important, think sites like MySpace, Flickr and FaceBook, whilst printing is still growing, but not as quickly. The survey also idenitified some interesting age distinctions, with under-25’s eager to share, over 45’s more concerned with the storage and preservation of their memories, and 25-44 year olds a mixture of the two. I want to find out how PhotographyBLOG readers predominantly share their photos. Are you an avid Flickr or online Gallery user? Do you prefer a physical print? Or do you find yourself viewing most photos on a computer monitor? And have you found any cool new services or ways of sharing your photos? Shout out now...

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