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Chris Dixon #2

Chris Dixon #2

A Western Obsession
"I was visiting a Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal hoping to get some video footage with a colleague, but a ban on video inside the monastery forced us to pull out still cameras. Stepping inside the main room to watch the young monks chant their morning meditations, we were struck by the ancient light that filters through ornate windows. The monastery is part of a long-established and relatively wealthy refugee camp in Nepal and most of these boys are sent by their parents at a young age. They are monks, but walking out the front door they play cricket, talk on mobile phones and are interested in Nike sneakers like most boys their age. That said though, there's a lot we can learn from the spiritual discipline of even these young boys. The mindless entertainment and material fluff that we allow to crowd our lives is, in part at least, responsible for the void that westerners try to fill in their obsession for Tibetan Buddhism.

All images were shot with a Nikon FE with a 24mm lens and handheld. I think the film was Kodak Ektachrome 100."

"I took up photography seriously a couple of years after coming across a black, well beaten, Nikon FE and 50 mm lens in the cupboard of the office where I was working. No one seemed to know where it had come from, so I claimed it and had it serviced. I later added a 24 mm lens and haven't looked back since."

Website: http://www.frankndixon.com

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