Reviews: Online Print Services


Bonusprint and Fotango both suffered in comparison with the other print services on test because of their distinctly yellow-looking prints. I imagine that if you viewed the prints in isolation they wouldn't look so bad, but in my opinion even the extraordinarily cheap price per print that Bonusprint offers doesn't make up for the poor overall quality.

Jessops offered similar prints in terms of colour and tone as Peak Imaging and Photobox, but unfortunately whoever cropped and trimmed them didn't seem to know what they were doing. This, along with the fact that they took a whole week to arrive, meant that Jessops were awarded the lowest rating along with Fotango, with Bonusprint 1/2 a star better.

Peak Imaging, Photobox and Colab were the joint winners of this Review. They both had their own strengths and weaknesses which set them apart from each other. If you want the ultimate print quality, choose Peak Imaging. If you need amazingly quick delivery and a reasonable price, choose Photobox. If you want remarkably cheap prints and good quality, go for Colab. I would be more than happy to use all of these companies, and I will certainly be ordering my prints from them in the future.

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