Canon Powershot N Review

May 29, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

Canon Powershot N Review Roundup

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Bijou beauty or mediocre miniaturisation? In truth, there's a bit of both in the PowerShot N, Canon's truly compact compact. On the whole, though, this clever re-imagining of how cameras should look and perform puts the bias strongly towards the former.
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The Canon Powershot N features an 8x optical zoom lens, tilting touch screen and built-in Wi-Fi. Its square design makes it an unusual looking camera. The Powershot N is available in black & white and costs around £269.
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“That’s not a camera, that’s a toy!” That was the initial reaction we got when we pulled Canon’s PowerShot N ($300) from our pocket to show it off. Indeed this small rectangular shooter is a departure in camera design for Canon (at least in recent memory). The PowerShot N is aimed toward the millennial generation – a camera that’s connected, with an emphasis on fun – but we wonder if Canon went far enough to attract this user.
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