Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Review

March 28, 2019 | Amy Davies |

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 News

The new Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 will replace the SQ10 hybrid instax/digital camera. The Fuji SQ20 adds a selfie screen on the front, has a 33.4 mm F/2.4 lens, can focus as close as 8cms from the subject, and comes in Beige or Black colourways.

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 will be available in Beige or Matt Black for £179.99 from October 20th, 2018.

FUJIFILM North America Press Release


Introducing new features to the instax line of instant photography to capture every important moment.

Valhalla, N.Y., September 24, 2018 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation announced today the arrival of its new instax SQUARE SQ20, a sophisticated square format hybrid instant film camera that combines digital imaging technology with square film prints. Also announced today are new colors for the instax SQUARE SQ6–Ruby Red and Aqua Blue–and new instax Double Sided Stickers that allow users to stick instax film quickly and easily to a multitude of surfaces.

1. instax SQUARE SQ20

As a hybrid instant camera, equipped with a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology, the SQ20 offers users the ability to select their favorite images to print. Users can even edit and apply various filters. Using the 1:1 aspect ratio, instax SQUARE film allows for more capture of the scene in a single photo, delivering exceptional image quality with numerous artistic expressions.

“We are excited to bring the new instax SQUARE SQ20 to the market”, said Manny Almeida, President of the Imaging Division at FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “This hybrid instant camera allows for a wide variety of photographic expressions applied to the same image, providing people an opportunity to expand their creative capabilities with instax more than ever before.”

New Features Added for Enhanced Image Capture

For the first time in instax instant photography, the SQ20 introduces the motion mode. Utilizing a dial on the back of the camera, users can take a video of up to 15 seconds and choose the best moment of a moving subject to print, which can often times be difficult to capture.

The new time shift collage function lets SQ20 users take 4 images at one time with a time difference by pushing a single button. The time difference between images can be personalized and adjusted by 0.2 seconds up to 2.0 seconds. The sequence filter offers the ability to capture dynamic images, adding a dreamy feel to the image. For added usability when taking selfies, a small mirror is located next to the lens to ensure accurate capture. Further, group photos are made easy with the SQ20’s built in timer.

Choose Which Image to Print & Edit before Printing

With this hybrid instant camera, photographers at all levels can select the images they would like to print and even edit pictures. The SQ20 has 16 different filters that can be applied to both still images and videos.

Available in Two Stylish Colors

Stylish and easy-to-hold, the SQ20 is available in two color options–matte black and glossy beige–making for a chic shooting companion.

Shooting Modes for Various Photographic Expressions

With its special shooting modes, the SQ20 achieves added creative possibilities. With double exposure, users can superimpose two images on a single film by simply pressing the shutter button twice. Bulb exposure mode is used to capture long exposures at night as well as light trails, while the split mode allows for two images to print on a single film.

Instax SQUARE SQ20 Key Features:

Available in two colors, Matte Black and Glossy Beige.

Compatible with FUJIFILM instax SQUARE film (purchased separately).

2.7” TFT color LCD monitor with 230K dots resolution.

Image size – 62mm x 62mm.

Supported image format – JPEG.

Images taken and edited / processed can be saved in the internal memory (approx. 50 still images and 30 seconds for video) or on microSD \ micro SDHC card slot (sold separately).

33.4mm fixed focal length (35mm format equivalent) with 4.0 x Digital Zoom

F2.4 aperture.

Auto focus system – single AF (contrast detect TTL, equipped with AF illuminator); continuous AF (only for video).

Auto / compulsory flash / suppressed flash with effective range of approx. 50cm to 2m.

Reprints are possible up to the last 50 prints.

Lithium ion battery (built-in), with built-in charging function.

Approx. 3-4 hours to fully charge (using 0.5 A USB port).

Printing capacity of up to 100 prints when battery is fully charged.

Availability and Pricing

The instax SQUARE SQ20 will be available on October 20th, 2018 in the U.S. and Canada for USD $199.95 and CAD $249.99, respectively.

2. New Colors for the instax SQUARE SQ6

Also announced today are two new colors for the instax SQUARE SQ6 square format analogue instant camera that was introduced in May 2018. The SQ6 was originally available in three colors: Pearl White, Blush Gold and Graphite Gray. In October, the SQ6 will be also available in Ruby Red and Aqua Blue, both stylish colors that have been requested by instax users all over the world.

instax SQUARE SQ6 Key Features

Automatic exposure control.

Macro mode / landscape mode.

Double exposure mode.

Selfie mode & selfie mirror.

Availability and Pricing

The instax SQUARE SQ6 Ruby Red and Aqua Blue, will be available in October 2018 in the U.S. and Canada for USD $129.95 and CAD $159.99, respectively.

3. New instax Double Sided Stickers

New instax double sided stickers, also being launched in October, will allow users to stick instax film quickly and easily to a multitude of surfaces. From walls to scrapbooks, users can display their instax pictures with ease. These new double sided stickers can be used with all instax film sizes and expand the creative possibilities that instax has to offer.

instax Double Sided Stickers Key Features

Double Sided Sticker size: 30 x 40mm.

12 double sided stickers per pack.

Adheres and re-sticks to virtually any surface, quickly and easily.

Availability and Pricing

Instax Double Sided Stickers will be available in October 2018 in the U.S. and Canada for USD $1.99 and CAD $2.99, respectively.

Fujifilm UK Press Release

instax announces new Hybrid Instant Camera “instax SQUARE SQ20” for the popular SQUARE format

Capture and print the best moments of moving subjects.

PHOTOKINA 2018, COLOGNE, GERMANY, September 25th, 2018 -FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce that it will launch “instax SQUARE SQ20” (SQ20) compatible with SQUARE format film as a new addition to the instax instant camera product range. The SQ20 has a variety of functions such as ”Motion Mode” which can print the best moment of a moving subject, and  other new functionality allowing you to now enjoy dynamic photos. The stylish and easy-to-hold design allows this instant camera to be taken anywhere, ensuring you never miss that one-off moment.

The SQ20 offers a wide variety of functions that allow you to enjoy both taking and printing photos. In addition to shooting still images, a new function called “Motion Mode” allows you to shoot  a video of a moving subject (max 15 seconds), select a frame and easily print the best moment—something that has been difficult to achieve before.

The “Time Shift Collage” function allows you to enjoy a new photo shooting experience by taking four images with a time difference, with one click. The special filter “Sequence” can take dynamic photos by adding sequence effects to the image. The camera is also the first in the instax product range to feature a zoom function prior to shooting.

In addition, there is also a selfie mirror located to the side of the lens to help frame selfies perfectly.

As a hybrid instant camera, equipped with a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology, the “instax SQUARE SQ20” allows you to select and edit your favourite images before printing, providing the opportunity for a wide variety of creative photographic expression.

The camera is stylish and easy-to-hold. There are two colour variations with matt black to suit any scene and style, and beige for an elegant and fashionable feel. The design of the lens ring—and around the ring—is reminiscent of a water ripple. It not only makes the camera easy to hold but demonstrates a contemporary, new design feature.

The ‘instax SQUARE SQ20’ will be stocked by Amazon and Jessops in the UK.

1. Product Name                 Instant Camera “instax SQUARE SQ20”

Beige/Matt Black (available in 2 colours)

2. Release Date    October 20, 2018

3. Price                    Expected SRP £179.99

4. Main Features

a) Shoot images and review on the LCD monitor and select your favourite images for printing

The results of all operations including shooting, editing/processing and printing are displayed on the LCD monitor.

b) Moving subjects can be easily captured and dynamic photos can now be printed

  • Frame Grab
  • Time Shift Collage
  • Special filter “Sequence”

By taking a video (max 15 seconds) and using the dial on the reverse of the camera, the camera allows you to select and print just the best moments.

This function can take up to 4 images within a time frame at once.  The time difference among images can be adjusted up to 2.0 seconds by 0.2 seconds.

This function allows you to take dynamic photos by adding a sequence effect to the image.

c) Enjoy editing videos as well as still images adding filter effect

There are a wide variety of editing functions such as a variety of filters including partial colour filter function, vignette control, and brightness adjustment. With these kinds of editing effects, various types of shooting and printing can be made for both video and still images.

d) A wide variety of creative photographic expression can be made with double exposure and bulb mode

The camera has special shooting modes such as double exposure that can combine two images onto one image, while the bulb exposure function is useful for night and illumination scenes.

e) Other features

・4.0 x digital zoom

The SQ20 is the first camera with zoom function in the instax product range.

・Selfie mirror

A selfie mirror attached to the side of the lens allows you to check the shooting range of selfies.

f) Stylish and sophisticated design

The camera has an iconic design with a thin, round, symmetrical shape for easy grip. It has a dual shutter system with two shutter buttons – one on the right and one on the left. The design of lens ring and around the ring imitates a water ripple, making the camera easy to hold.

5. Main Specifications

Image sensor

1/5-in., CMOS with primary colour filter

Effective pixels

1920 x 1920

Storage media

Built-in memory, microSD/microSDHC memory card

Recording capacity

Built-in memory: Approx. 50 files for still image, Approx. 30 sec for video


microSD/microSDHC memory card: Approx. 1000 files per 1 gigabyte

Recording capacity for video

microSD/microSDHC memory card: Approx. 3 min per 1 gigabyte

File system

Still images: Compliant with Design Rule for Camera File System (DCF), Exif Ver.2.3, Compliant with JPEG and PIM

Video: 800x800x15fps H264 (no sounds)

Focal length

Fixed as 33.4mm (35-mm format equivalent)



Auto focus system

Single AF (Contrast-detect TTL, equipped with AF illuminator)

Continuous AF (only for video)

Focus range


Shutter speed

1/7500 sec. to 1/2 sec. (Auto), maximum 10 sec. in Bulb mode


ISO 100 to 1600 (Auto)

Exposure control

Programmed AE


256-segment through the lens (TTL) metering, Multi metering

White balance



Auto/Compulsory flash/Suppressed flash

Effective range: Approx. 50 cm to 2 m

Shooting mode

Standard, Double exposure, Bulb mode, Split, Collage, Time Shift Collage


Approx. 10 sec./Approx. 2 sec.

Image effect

For both still images and video: 16 filters, Brightness adjustment, Vignette

Dedicated to video: 3 filters

Dedicated to still images: 2 filters

Playback function

Trimming, Multi image playback


FUJIFILM Instant Film “instax SQUARE” (Purchased separately)

Photo capacity

10 prints/pack

Film size

86 mm × 72 mm

Image size

62 mm × 62 mm

Supported image size

800 x 800 dots

Printing solution

12.5 dots/mm (318 dpi, 80 μm dot pitch)

Printing levels

256 levels per colour (RGB)

Supported image format

JPEG (Some images saved with a photo editing/processing software may not be displayed or printed.), Still image can be extracted from video

Printing time

Approx. 12 seconds

Print timing

Printing shortly after shooting/Printing after selecting image

Printing function

Images on built-in memory/ microSD/microSDHC card


Printable up to the past 50 prints

(Up to 50 images stored in print history)

Digital zoom

Up to 4.0 x in shooting/printing

LCD monitor

2.7-in. TFT colour LCD monitor

Pixels: Approx. 230k-dots

Input/Output terminals

Micro USB Micro-B (For charging and data communication)


Lithium ion battery (built-in, cannot be removed.)

Charging function


Printing capacity

Approx. 100 prints (From when the battery is charged fully)

*Varies depending on the conditions of use.

Charging time

Approx. 3 to 4 hours (Using 0.5 A USB port)

* Varies depending on air temperature.


119 mm × 127 mm × 50 mm (W × H × D)


390 g (excluding film pack and storage media)

440 g (including film pack and storage media)

Supported environment

Temperature: 5 ℃ - 40 ℃ 

Humidity: 20% - 80% (no condensation)

*Specifications above are subject to change for improvement.

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