Nikon Z MC 50mm F2.8 Review

August 17, 2021 | Amy Davies | Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Half rating star

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The Nikon Z MC 50mm f2.8 is a well-featured, small and light macro lens which also doubles up as a standard lens for other photographic applications. It produces sharp images with very little field-curvature – although for best results it should be stopped down two stops which also gets rid of the strong coma. Using focus shift shooting with Nikon Z bodies takes a great deal of hassle out of focus stacking – an essential technique for impressive macro shots. And although working distances can be extremely short the overall capabilities of the Z MC 50mm f2.8 certainly earn it a recommendation.
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This 50mm f/2.8 standard prime is great for general shooting. It’s conveniently compact and lightweight, and a full f/stop faster than Nikon’s Z 24-70nn f/4 S zoom that’s supplied as a kit lens with full-frame Z-series bodies. Its main claim to fame, however, is that it delivers full 1.0x macro magnification at its shortest focus distance, enabling extreme close-ups. As usual for a macro lens of this focal length, however, the minimum focus distance might be closer than you like.
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The full frame Nikon Z system was launched in August 2018. At the beginning the company focused on offering just several basic zoom lenses and a series of f/1.8 primes. Still the times goes on and the lack of dedicated macro lenses was more and more keenly felt. Nikon decided to patch that gap - in June 2021 they showed two models of that type at once, the Nikkors Z MC 50 mm f/2.8 and the Z MC 105 mm f/2.8.
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