Sigma 24mm F3.5 DG DN Review

February 17, 2021 | Mark Goldstein | Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Half rating star

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The Sigma 24mm f3.5 DG DN is a compact prime lens designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras and, at the time of testing, available in Sony e and Leica L-mounts. The 24mm f3.5 DG DN was launched in December 2020 alongside a 35mm f2 and 65mm f2 as part of Sigma’s new I series, which also includes the existing 45mm f2.8 DG DN. These four lenses are also members of Sigma’s Contemporary series, positioned below the flagship Art range, but still capable of excellent results.
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Whether or not this lens makes any sense for you will depend a lot on how you view the 24mm focal length. If you typically shoot 24mm stopped down to smaller apertures like F5.6 or F8, then the smaller maximum aperture won’t be a liability for you. If you are shooting in low light conditions or want to have a somewhat shallow depth of field for full body portraiture, then this lens probably won’t fit your needs.
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