Sony E PZ 10-20mm F4 G Review

June 27, 2022 | Mark Goldstein | Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Half rating star

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The Sony E 10-20mm f4 G PZ is a compelling lens taking you from mild to ultra-wide coverage with decent quality throughout and a motorised zoom that feels a World apart from the ubiquitous and disappointing 16-50 PZ. Sony’s not only transformed the experience of motorised zooms on this and the recent full-frame 16-35 PZ, but made them impressively small and light too.
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The Sony PZ 10-20mm F4 G joins Sony E 15mm F1.4 G as one of those rare Sony APS-C lenses that feels on par with the companies full frame options. This is a lens designed primarily for video work, though I liked it just fine as a photography lens as well. What I really enjoy, however, is Power Zoom toggle and the ability to easily take advantage of zooming while shooting video.
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The Sony 10-20mm f4 PZ G crams both the ultra-wide and the wide-angle perspective into one lens. That’s not entirely uncommon, but this lens weighs just over six ounces. Designed for Sony’s APS-C cameras, the new optic incorporates weather sealing and tons of controls onto a rather tiny lens.
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