Sony FE 20-70mm F4 G Review

February 20, 2023 | Mark Goldstein | Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Half rating star

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The FE 20-70mm f4G is a compelling general-purpose lens for Sony owners who value extra-wide coverage. It takes the classic 24-70 range of models like the previous Zeiss f4, but widens it at the short-end making it not just ideal for capturing larger views, but also more suitable for the needs of video creators.
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Maybe by comparison, the Sony 20-70mm f/4 G doesn’t seem like that much of a specialty lens; after all, it’s only four millimeters wider than the Sony 24-70 f/2.8 GM II lens, and it has an f/4 aperture, which is a stop slower than the G Master lens as well. But the Sony 20-40 F4 G has hit a sweet spot in lens design, and it comes in at the $1,000 price sweet spot, which is the upper limit for many entry-level photographers shopping for their primary lens.
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Sony has been making full-frame E-mount lenses for almost a decade. As a result, it now offers a wide choice of standard zooms encompassing the 50mm focal length to suit different uses and budgets. In terms of zoom range, there’s everything from the compact 28-60mm f/4-5.6 to the versatile 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3. The firm’s latest lens, however, does something a bit different, with the new Sony FE 20-70mm F4 G extending to an unusually wide field of view.
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