Sony NEX-3N Review

June 10, 2013 | Mark Goldstein |

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Last year, Sony's peculiar move to beef up its entry-level NEX left us puzzled, and generally unimpressed. The NEX-F3 was a fine mirrorless camera by most accounts, but its larger footprint left us hoping for a next-gen offering more in line with its predecessor, the NEX-C3 -- a tried-and-true shooter that many Engadget staffers still turn to for review photos and trade shows, thanks to its consistent performance and light weight. We were quite relieved, then, to see that this year's device represented a return to the 2011 design, with a few very compelling additions, to boot.
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The Sony NEX-3N is the latest entry level mirrorless camera from Sony, and is the World's smallest APS-C sized sensor mirrorless camera, and is bundled with the 16-50mm OSS Power Zoom lens with an RRP of £399. The price it's available to buy is a very tempting £325 and it's available in black or white. The camera has been redesigned, since the Sony NEX-F3, with improved handling and a more classic design that looks better than the entry level price would suggest.
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This NEX-3n is an older release as it arrived a couple of months ago but I asked Sony to send it to me as this site has a history of reviewing ALL of the NEX cameras and I have had yet to even hold the newest version of the “3″, the slick little 3n. I have tried them all from the very 1st revolutionary NEX-3 and 5 to the latest NEX cameras and now this NEX-3n. I have heard rumors of a NEX-7 replacement coming soon, and many think it will be huge AND full frame. Will it? Maybe, hope so..but no one really knows what is to come just yet.
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The Sony Alpha NEX-3N isn't as good a performer as its predecessor, but it does include a collapsible power zoom lens and it comes at a lower price.
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