Canon EOS R5 Review

September 2, 2020 | Mark Goldstein |

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The EOS R5 is Canon’s best overall camera for stills photography, out-performing and out-featuring pretty much every model its released to date. Pro sports and wildlife specialists may find reasons to prefer the 1Dx III - such as its larger battery, optical viewfinder being preferable in some situations and the bullet-proof build - but for everyone else, the R5 is hard to beat.
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This decision was a no-brainer: I preordered two Canon EOS R5 cameras the moment preorders were taken. With the EOS R5, Canon's extremely-feature-laden, high-performance 5-series has arrived in the R-series mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC) lineup. Since the introduction of the 5D Mark III back in 2012, Canon EOS 5-series models have been my primary cameras. After significant experience shooting with the R5 and the RF lens lineup, the R5 is solidly my new favorite camera.
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When Canon revealed it was entering the full-frame mirrorless market and announced an entirely new system based around a new RF lens mount, many hoped the first camera in the EOS R series would be a mirrorless masterpiece. Rather than imitate Sony and Nikon’s approach of releasing a pair of premium models built around the same body with different sensors and specifications, Canon released one full-frame camera in the guise of the EOS R, but it wasn’t without its shortcomings.
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