Canon EOS R6 Review

August 4, 2020 | Mark Goldstein |

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The Canon EOS R6 is a 20MP full-frame mirrorless camera aimed at enthusiast photographers and videographers. It sits below the R5 much as the EOS 6Ds did beneath the 5D DSLRs, and offers a well-rounded combination of features for both disciplines.
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Canon had a bit of an identity crisis making the switch to full-frame mirrorless, with the throttled budget RP and good, but not very competitive, EOS R. The company’s second set of full-frame mirrorless cameras, however, appear to promise more of what Canon’s DSLRs were known for, and then some, with in-body image stabilization, 12 fps bursts, and the next generation of Dual Pixel autofocus inside the Canon EOS R6 and R5.
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The EOS R6 may have been over-shadowed by the headline-grabbing R5, but quietly becomes one of the most compelling cameras in Canon’s range. Compared to the R5, it may lack the 45 Megapixels, 8k video, slow-motion 4k, more detailed viewfinder and slightly tougher build, but it’s more notable how much they have in common.
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The Canon EOS R6 is a versatile all-round camera that can shoot pretty much anything. Aside from a few differences, it's essentially an EOS R5 with lower resolution and less high-end video. If you're content with fewer megapixels, you'll enjoy one of the most advanced and impressive cameras we've ever seen.
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