Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R Review

December 19, 2013 | Mark Goldstein | Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star

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thephoblographer.com »

With this review I’m here to talk about the XF 18mm f2 lens which launched initially with the X-Pro 1. It has been continually improved through firmware updates, and I thought it was important for people to have a review of it today, vs the reviews that were shared when it initially launched. Head on past the break for my review of the XF 18mm.
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stevehuffphoto.com »

Yep! I still have the review sample of the X-Pro 1 here with me along with the 18mm and 35 1.4 lenses. While I prefer the 35 1.4 for the X-Pro 1, and that would be THE lens I chose if I bought the system for myself, I do like the little 18mm as well.
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photozone.de »

In our first Fuji review we will cover the Fujinon XF 18mm f/2 R - one of the three initial lenses for the X-mount. Following a Fuji tradition these lenses are called "Fujinon" XF. This may be news to some but Fuji is actually a long time player in the system camera market but they were mostly active in the large- and medium format league and their Fujinon lenses earned quite a reputation till the decline of the film business - maybe google for "Fuji GX" if you are interested.
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ephotozine.com »

This lens is one of three introduced with Fujifilm's X-Pro1 interchangeable lens digital camera. It offers an angle of view equivalent to a 27mm lens on a 35mm camera, a bright maximum aperture of f/2 and costs around £550.
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