HTC One (M8) Review

April 2, 2014 | Mark Goldstein |

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So it's all the more impressive that HTC, fresh from making the best-looking phone of 2013, has managed to make the HTC One (M8), a phone crammed full of power and great features while improving the design that won it so many accolades.
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As one of the few Android phones to truly compete with Apple in terms of design, the HTC One (m8) is a beautiful handset. The m8 is almost 90% metal, with the few slivers of plastic left only being used to ensure the best possible reception for the internal antennae. The curved back fits your hand comfortably and the brushed metal finish on our metal grey review unit glints in the light, making no mistake that the phone is made from metal rather than plastic. The m8 will also be available in gold and silver colours, but these have a more subtle matte finish.
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The HTC One M8 is quite simply the most important phone of the year for HTC. It is the company’s top model, and takes over from the HTC One. That phone proved to be HTC’s best-selling phone ever and won numerous awards including TrustedReviews Phone of the Year so the One M8 has some big boots to fill.
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Think of the HTC One M8 as the big-budget sequel to an Oscar-winning indie film. Last year's HTC One won rave reviews and obsessed fans, but not enough customers to keep HTC growing. This year, HTC needs a rip-roaring box-office hit with its flagship phone.
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