Nikon D7200 Review

April 13, 2015 | Amy Davies |

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In 2010, Nikon release the Nikon D7000 which took the position of Nikon’s Flagship APS-C sensor DSLR and was the start of the D7XXX series of camera. With quick autofocusing systems and benefiting from the 1.5x crop factor given by the APS-C sensor, the series has been very popular with wildlife and sports photographers. The latest addition to this series is the all new Nikon D7200.
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These days, there is often little that separates cameras when new models are released, and the D7200 isn’t an enormous leap from it’s predecessor, the D7100. However, a few key differences do exist, including an improved AF system, a new processor, the inclusion of NFC connectivity, and additional video upgrades that serve to make the D7200 Nikon’s best APS-C model to date.
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