Olympus 15mm f/8 Body Cap Review

November 6, 2015 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Rating star Rating star Half rating star

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Reviews of the Olympus 15mm f/8 Body Cap from around the web.

dpreview.com »

The Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 was announced at Photokina 2012, alongside the PEN E-PL5 and E-PM2 mirrorless models. It is, in essence, exactly what it says on the tin - a lens in a body cap - but with something of a twist.
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slrgear.com »

Introduced in September 2012, the Olympus 15mm ƒ/8 is a simple and interesting lens - a super-small and inexpensive optic that also doubles as a body cap. It's a fixed-aperture lens designed for the micro four-thirds lens mount, with just three lens elements.
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ephotozine.com »

The 15mm Body Cap "pancake" lens gives the equivalent of 30mm in 35mm equivalent terms, and is available for around £60 or was available for free as part of a bundle with the Olympus PEN Mini E-PM3 and Lite E-PL5.
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photozone.de »

Looking at the name of the thing, it may be debatable whether you've just started reading a review of a lens ... or a lens cap. However, since the Olympus Lens Cap 15mm f/8 has some glass (probably rather plastic) elements let's vote for the first option for now.
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