Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG HSM Review

April 24, 2017 | Amy Davies |

Sharpness at 135mm

Our sharpness tests were conducted using a Nikon D5 body mounted on a tripod. The camera’s shutter release was also set on a timer-delay to avoid any possible camera shake. The test subject was shot using ambient lighting, any differences in colour and contrast is due to natural changes in lighting between shots.

The full frame at 135mmThe full frame at 135mm

Centre sharpness is extremely impressive throughout the entire range, with a marginal amount of softening occurring from f/11 onwards. Considering the fastness of the lens, corner sharpness is also good even at the widest apertures. It’s softer, as you might expect between f/1.8 and f/2.0, but even from f/2.8, the corners are impressively sharp.

Aperture Centre Crop Edge Crop
f/1.8 f1_8.jpg f1_8.jpg
f/2.8 f2_8.jpg f2_8.jpg
f/4 f4.jpg f4.jpg
f/5.6 f5_6.jpg f5_6.jpg
f/8 f8.jpg f8.jpg
f/11 f11.jpg f11.jpg
f/16 f16.jpg f16.jpg