Nikon Coolpix S7000 Review

April 10, 2015 | Amy Davies |

Image Quality

All of the sample images in this review were taken using the 16 megapixel Fine JPEG setting, which gives an average image size of around 6Mb.

Directly from the Nikon Coolpix S7000, images are bright and punchy displaying a lovely amount of saturation without going over the top. Some Nikon cameras have had a tendency to produce cyan like colours when photographing skies, but luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case with the S7000 as bright blue skies are rendered very accurately.

The overall impression of detail is also good when looking at images taken in good light. If you zoom in to 100%, you can see some examples of image smoothing even for photos taken at ISO 100 - some areas of the image will have a painterly effect, but it’s certainly no worse than other cameras of its kind and cost point.

As you move up the sensitivity range, as you might expect, image quality starts to deteriorate. However, images are usable even at the highest ends of the scale if you’re printing or sharing at small sizes. You can set an ISO limit if you don’t want to go over a certain setting, which is useful.

You can’t change the Nikon Coolpix S7000’s metering setting, but the all-purpose mode it uses does a pretty good job so it shouldn’t be too problematic. Exposures are well balanced without requiring exposure compensation on all but very high contrast situations.

The camera’s automatic white balance setting does a decent job of producing accurate colours, and pleasingly it’s not too confused by artificial lights either.

Digital filters are quite fun to experiment with, but they won’t be to everybody’s tastes. That said, there’s quite a good range here and it’s worth experimenting to see if any are particularly appealing. You can also create panoramic images, which are a great deal of fun, but you can see where the image has been stitched together if you look closely, which is a shame.

At the far reach of the telephoto optic, detail is also well resolved - and optical image stabilisation does a good job of keeping blur to a minimum too.


The Nikon Coolpix S7000 has seven sensitivity settings ranging from ISO125 to ISO6400 at full resolution.

ISO 125 (100% Crop)

ISO 200 (100% Crop)

iso125.jpg iso200.jpg

ISO 400 (100% Crop)

ISO 800 (100% Crop)

iso400.jpg iso800.jpg

ISO 1600 (100% Crop)

ISO 3200 (100% Crop)

iso1600.jpg iso3200.jpg

ISO 6400 (100% Crop)


Focal Range

The Nikon Coolpix S7000’s 20x zoom lens achieves a maximum wide-angle focal length equivalent to 25mm, and is capable of a telephoto reach of 500mm (in 35mm-camera terms).



focal_range1.jpg focal_range2.jpg


Here are two 100% crops - the right-hand image has had some sharpening applied in Photoshop. The out-of-the camera images from the Nikon Coolpix S7000 are slightly soft at the default sharpening setting and benefit from some further sharpening in a program like Adobe Photoshop. You can alternatively change the in-camera sharpening level to suit your tastes.

Original (100% Crop)

Sharpened (100% Crop)

sharpen1.jpg sharpen1a.jpg
sharpen2.jpg sharpen2a.jpg


The Nikon Coolpix S7000’s lens will focus as close as 1cm from a subject, however depth of field becomes very shallow at this extremely close distance.


Macro (100% Crop)

macro1.jpg macro1a.jpg


The Nikon Coolpix S7000’s built-in flash has four settings: Auto, Auto with red-eye reduction, Fill flash & Slow sync. Whether the flash is set to standard Auto mode – or Auto with red-eye reduction – the camera successfully avoids any trace of red-eye.

Flash Off

Flash On

ISO 64 ISO 64

Special Effects

The Nikon Coolpix S7000 offers thirteen colour effects, all of which are previewed live. Your options are: Soft, Nostalgic sepia, High-contrast monochrome, High key, Low key, Selective colour, Pop, Super vivid, Painting, Toy camera effect 1, Toy camera effect 2, Cross process & Mirror.


effects_01.jpg effects_02.jpg


High Key

effects_03.jpg effects_04.jpg

Low Key

Selective Color

effects_05.jpg effects_06.jpg



effects_07.jpg effects_08.jpg


Toy Camera 1

effects_09.jpg effects_10.jpg

Toy Camera 2

Cross Process

effects_11.jpg effects_12.jpg



Easy Panorama

Easy Panorama just requires you to pan the Nikon Coolpix S7000 whilst it captures and stitches the images into either a 180 or 360-degree panorama.

Easy Panorama