Canon PowerShot N2 Review

April 22, 2015 | Jack Baker |

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Faced with the constant onslaught of smartphones, Canon had the clever idea of rethinking the traditional digital camera. The result, the Canon PowerShot N, was modern and minimalist, a far cry from anything that had gone before. The Canon PowerShot N2, its successor, inherits the cuboid shape and incorporates a 16 Mpx sensor, a 180° adjustable screen, Wi-Fi and NFC.
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The Canon Powershot N2 features an 8x optical zoom lens, tilting touch screen and built-in Wi-Fi and updates the Powershot N, with a 16.1 megapixel sensor and NFC. Its square design makes it an unusual looking camera. The Powershot N2 is available in black & white and costs around £269.
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The Canon PowerShot N2 ($299.99) is a minor update to the original N. It increases the sensor resolution to 16 megapixels, improves video to 1080p30 resolution, and makes it a little bit easier to capture a photo using the shutter ring. But ergonomics are still a serious issue, and image quality lags behind the PowerShot N100, our Editors' Choice for compact cameras, and for just $50 more it's a much better buy.
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