Fujifilm FinePix XP130 Review

May 10, 2018 | Mark Goldstein |

Image Quality

All of the sample images in this review were taken using the 16 megapixel JPEG setting, which gives an average image size of around 7Mb.

It’s often the case that cameras which are “tough” don’t tend to have that great image quality - the main selling point being that you can still use them when other cameras would have to be packed away.

With the Fujifilm FinePix XP130 however, you could happily use the camera as your only holiday camera, no matter the shooting condition you’re working in. In good light, colours are bright and punchy without being overly saturated. A good overall impression of detail is also presented.

In lower light, shooting at higher ISO speeds, such as ISO 1600, results in slightly painterly effect type in images, with some image smoothing visible when examining at 100%. Still, the overall impression of detail remains more than usable when sharing at normal printing and web sizes. The highest settings of ISO 3200 and ISO 6400 are perhaps best avoided unless desperate to get the shot.

For the majority of situations, the XP130’s all-purpose metering system does a good job to produce balanced exposures, with barely any need to touch exposure compensation. The automatic white balance setting tends to err towards slightly warmer tones, but are generally quite pleasing.

When shooting underwater, the XP130 does a good job of producing accurate and pleasing images - but you might find you have best luck by switching to the specific underwater modes, rather than using automatic or Program mode.

The XP130 has a 5x optical zoom lens. It’s flexible enough to get close to most subjects, but image quality is the most detailed at the wide angle end.


The Fujifilm FinePix XP130 has seven sensitivity settings ranging from ISO 100 to 6400 at full resolution. However, the maximum ISO 6400 sensitivity is only recorded at 8MP/3264x2448 pixel resolution

ISO 100 (100% Crop)

ISO 200 (100% Crop)

iso100.jpg iso200.jpg

ISO 400 (100% Crop)

ISO 800 (100% Crop)

iso400.jpg iso800.jpg

ISO 1600 (100% Crop)

ISO 3200 (100% Crop)

iso1600.jpg iso3200.jpg

ISO 6400 (100% Crop)


Focal Range

The Fujifilm FinePix XP130’s 5x zoom lens achieves a maximum wide-angle focal length equivalent to 28mm, and can zoom in to 140mm (in 35mm-camera terms).






The Fujifilm FinePix XP130’s lens will focus as close as 9cm from your subject, and does so reliably.




When shooting a white surface from a distance of 1.5m, the Fujifilm FinePix XP130’s flash produces noticeable vignetting with the lens at maximum wide angle, though fall-off is much less severe when you use longer focal lengths.

Flash Off - Wide Angle (28mm)

Flash On - Wide Angle (28mm)

ISO 64 ISO 64

Flash Off - Telephoto (140mm)

Flash On - Telephoto (140mm)

ISO 64 ISO 64

In our testing with the XP130 successfully avoided red-eye and the flash produced only minor wide-angle vignetting from a distance of 1.5m.

Flash - On


Flash - Redeye


Advanced Filters

The Fujifilm FinePix XP130 offers eleven filter effects, all of which are previewed live and recorded at full resolution. Your options are: Toy Camera, Miniature, Pop Color, High Key, Low Key, Dynamic Tone, Fish-eye, Soft Focus, Cross Screen, Sketch, and Partial Color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple).

Toy Camera

advancedfilter1-toy.JPG advancedfilter2-miniature.JPG

Pop Color

High Key

advancedfilter3-popcolor.JPG advancedfilter4-hikey.JPG

Low Key

Dynamic Tone

advancedfilter5-lowkey.JPG advancedfilter6-dynamictone.JPG


Soft Focus

advancedfilter7-fisheye.JPG advancedfilter8-softfocus.JPG

Cross Screen


advancedfilter9-crossscreen.JPG advancedfilter10-sketch.JPG
Partial Color  


Motion Panorama mode has 120, 180 and 360-degree pan options. Whichever you choose, images are recorded with a vertical resolution of 1088 pixels. That’s not exactly high, and the Fujifilm FinePix XP130’s panoramas also display small areas of stitching ghosting.

180 Degree