Nokia 8.3 5G Review

November 6, 2020 | Tim Coleman |

Review Roundup

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The Nokia 8.3 5G isn’t the most exciting phone you’ll read about this year, but with strong specs and a large screen there’s plenty here to appeal to those looking to upgrade to 5G with a handset that won’t break the bank. That said, a meager storage offering and an annoying Google Assistant button mean it’s not a device without its frustrations.
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The Nokia 8.3 5G feels like a good phone that's arrived at the wrong time. It's impressive as many similar phones are, with good design, a nice display and plenty of power. But it's let down by a price that's high and a camera system that's not great.
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The Nokia 8.3 5G hits a lot of the features Nokia phones are known for: good value, a decent camera, and a clean software experience. If you want to get involved with 5G but want to spend as little money as possible, then this is a phone worth looking at.
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