Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review

November 1, 2018 | Amy Davies |

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Huawei has grown from being a peripheral player to one of the biggest brands in smartphones in a short space of time. It started making a name for itself with competitive devices for good prices. These handsets often copycatted features from other flagships, but things have changed in recent history. Huawei's no longer an alternative to the bigger companies, it's become one of those companies. It's now the one bringing new features to market and pushing the boundaries with phones like the P20 Pro. That thing only came out six months ago, and Huawei's already back with the Mate 20 Pro, which feels like a successor despite the different family name. It's another nuts piece of hardware from the Chinese company, and arguably the best phone of 2018.
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The Mate 20 Pro is the best feeling, most premium device the Chinese firm has made. It’s incredibly solid, smooth and well built, but at 189g is still surprisingly light and manageable compared to the 208g iPhone XS Max and 201g Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
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This is the most gadget-packed phone you’ll find. That it is also one of the most accessible phones at this money-no-object level is what makes the Mate 20 Pro extra-special, though. Huawei’s display design shrinks the phone down, for a more hand-friendly feel than anything but the iPhone XS.
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