LG G4 Review

September 29, 2015 | Amy Davies |

Review Roundup

Reviews of the LG G4 from around the web.

techradar.com »

LG has tried to focus on what everyone actually wants out of a smartphone, a great looking design, color rich display and the great camera for photos - but it doesn't quite deliver as impressively as we'd hoped.
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trustedreviews.com »

The LG G4 has a lot to live up to since its predecessor, the LG G3, was crowned TrustedReviews’ Phone of the Year in 2014. It largely succeeds, too. The LG G4 has taken all the best bits from the LG G3 and rolled them into a new and improved package.The LG G4 is to the LG G3 what the iPhone 5S is to the iPhone 5. That’s to say its alterations are more evolutionary than revolutionary.
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digitaltrends.com »

"Life’s Good” is LG’s tagline, but life has been tough for the company’s mobile division. Its archrival Samsung has captured a big chunk of the phone market, and LG has spent several years chipping away at Samsung’s mighty presence.
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engadget.com »

It might not be as technically powerful as some of LG's other recent releases, but the G4 as a package is the most compelling the company has put out yet.
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